axillary hair

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ax·il·lary hair

(ak'sil-ār-ē hār)
Hair of the armpit.
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It's another stereotype of what females "should do," reinforced by all the ads, magazines, and movies that show women with waxed legs and no underarm hair. If they shave, girls should wait until at least 15.
It had taken Michael a while to account for those miniscule puncture marks on his companion's chest and the unnerving absence of genital or underarm hair. His friend was depilating on a regular basis with a clandestine pair of tweezers.
She also ( made a statement after missing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's royal wedding by attending a party with her underarm hair.
One of the services offered by the clinic is a painless underarm hair removal procedure.
The father, who cannot be named, was adamant that his son's pubic and underarm hair be trimmed, in line with Islamic recommendation.
He argues the same for the image of underarm hair, which is an image understood to represent an expression of personhood.
Women's safety razors, used mostly for underarm hair, followed shortly after.
It seems cool hair stylist Roxie Hunt (below) was the first to champion dying underarm hair and now it's really caught on.
UNDERARM HAIR MILEY Cyrus and Girls star Jemima Kirke are among the stars championing this look for women but we will pass on the trend thanks.
JUST THE PITS We're used to rolling deodorant under our pits, so Nair obviously decided their new Argan Oil Glide On Depilation Stick, PS5.10, would be the natural way to get shot of underarm hair. Actually, they're not wrong, it only takes five minutes and it'll keep pits smooth for several days longer than a razor (it's good for bikini line too).
Waxing, shaving, and plucking underarm hair irritates the sensitive skin, resulting in dark underarms.
While feminists sit at their keyboards ranting wittily about underarm hair and Miley Cyrus, the men are out there actually building the stations and digging the tunnels that get them to their offices.