Weapon of Mass Destruction

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A man-made or -modified artifice designed to kill or maim large numbers of humans and/or cause major damage to man-made or natural structures, or to the planet itself
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Intelligence on Syria's unconventional weapons is patchy and lacks consensus, and one need only look to neighbouring Iraq for a stark example of the huge risks and repercussions of acting on flawed intelligence.
It is natural to expect a country like Iran to seek a military advantage over traditional neighboring adversaries, to include the acquisition of unconventional weapons. These are not irrational actions.
Powell and other American officials included Libya's poor human-rights record and lack of democratic institutions, destructive role in perpetuating regional conflicts in Africa, and pursuit of unconventional weapons and related delivery systems.
Not all threats are equal, and not all unconventional weapons are WMDs.
Preston (political science, Washington State U.) examines the methods and prospects of small states using unconventional weapons to protect themselves against predation by powerful states.
More than two dozen powers, including three GCC states, practiced intercepting and searching vessels suspected of trafficking in unconventional weapons in major military exercises which emphasised their co-ordination and willingness to aggressively block the spread of arms.
One of the biggest differences was over a call on countries to inspect cargo leaving and arriving in North Korea to prevent any illegal trafficking in unconventional weapons or ballistic missiles.
"The large American bases (in Iraq) are good places to test your unconventional weapons, whether biological or dirty, as they call them."
Regarding the North Korean missile launches, Olmert said they agreed that it is of grave concern to the international community that a non-democratic country is producing unconventional weapons.
David Kay, the first head of the Iraqi Survey Group that searched for Iraq's unconventional weapons after the March 2003 invasion, said Monday he had read parts of the classified report in late 2003 and thought it was quite good.
These may include, but are not limited to, what individuals are wearing during warm versus cold or inclement weather conditions, as well as accessory items and unconventional weapons designed and manufactured for concealment that they may carry.
He has also constructed "Unconventional Weapons," 2001-2005, out of ceramics and decorated them in the traditional style of Renaissance earthenware.