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A term of art placed on death certificates (usually less than 2% of all cases) in which a satisfactory cause of death is not found
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In his opinion the cause of Mr Powell's death was unascertained and multifactorial.
Cot death, or whatever you want to call it - unascertained death - should be left as it is on the file by that I mean, rather than when there have been two or even three deaths and then it automatically becomes murder.
Post mortems have been carried out and the causes of death are unascertained," he added.
Yesterday consultant pathologist Dr Christopher Johnson told an inquest that the 53-year-old's cause of death was unascertained.
Police said: "The cause of death of the 29-year-old woman is unascertained pending toxicology results.
He recorded an open verdict due to the cause of death being unascertained.
The post-mortem examination has indicated that the cause of death has been unascertained and may be drug related.
Recording a narrative verdict, coroner Andrew Haigh said: "The cause of death is unascertained.
Brecon coroner Peter Maddox recorded a verdict of death by unascertained natural causes.
Cause of death was unascertained and Dr Rees was unable to confirm that heroin overdose was the cause of death.
Coroner Ian Arrow said at the inquest in Torquay, Devon, the medical cause of death of the youngster, from Newport, South Wales, was unascertained, but there were no suspicious circumstances.
They suggest the cause of death is still given as unascertained," said pathologist Dr David Scoones who performed the postmortem examination.