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The Unabomber. A Harvard graduate, cum Berkeley professor of mathematics, who became a hermit in Montana, from which he sent mail bombs to various representatives of what he perceived as an excessively high-tech society—causing 3 deaths and 23 injuries—before being caught, convicted and handed multiple life sentences to be served in federal prison
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The association did not necessary apologize for including an update to the life of the Unabomber in Harvard's "Red Book," but publishing facetious remarks by listing his convictions as awards.
Laak, 37, is known on the poker scene as the Unabomber because he wears hooded tops and dark sunglasses while gambling, similar to the infamous US terrorist.
Federal agents had long thought the Unabomber would have an academic background.
In addition to a list of 70 names that included forestry association representatives, evidence found in Kaczynski's Montana cabin reportedly included bomb-making materials and an early draft of the Unabomber Manifesto published in the New York Times and Washington Post last September.
What mental illness may have turned the Unabomber into a killer?
There were differences between the campaigns - but the Mardi Gra bomber studied and learned from the techniques of British blackmailer Rodney Whitchelo, and the so-called Unabomber, who staged a series of attacks in the United States.
This increment was gradual for a while, but then came Monica, Paula, and Linda, not to mention the Unabomber.
The mailbomb that almost killed David Gelernter in June of 1993, courtesy of the Unabomber, left him with physical injuries and a sense of moral outrage and obligation which he shares with us in this book.
The Unabomber journals have been released to the general public.
To: Jim Freeman, Unabomber task force From: Special Agent Thomas Mohnal Re: We found the enclosed document in the suspect's cabin.
Unabomber suspect Ted Kaczynski is to be moved to a California prison to face four new bomb- attack charges.
50) recounts the FBI's eighteen-year pursuit of the Unabomber from the very beginning through the suspect's stunning capture in Montana on April 3.