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the part of a shadow in which there is no light from any light source.
a sharp appearance to the edges of a structure on a radiograph.


radiology An image with sharply defined margins.


(ŭm′bră) [L., shade, shadow]
The edge of the radiographic image proper.


1. Region of very low illumination on a dark background.
2. Zone in which the brightness varies from some illumination to zero (umbra) in the shadow cast by an opaque object intercepting light from an extensive light source. See shadow.
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A spokesman for Manchester City declined to comment, and an Umbro spokesman said they could find no record of a call about commission.
Nike has given assurances to the Football Association over Umbro's England contract, which runs until 2014, while Umbro has previously said it believed retailers should not be worried by the change of ownership.
But Umbro and its 45 international licensees supply uniforms to the national teams of England, Ireland, Sweden and Norway, six English Premier League teams and more than 100 other professional teams globally.
Despite this, Umbro has refused to supply it with official team shirts, forcing it to source the new red and gold away strips on the grey market.
The Centenary season should be a great celebration for everybody connected with Chelsea and we look forward to Umbro sharing in that," said Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon.
What's even better, though, is that UMBRO is also giving away a pair of its XAI football boots, which have been signed by Darius Vassell
had announced its intention to divest of Umbro and Cole Haan to sharpen its focus on driving growth in the NIKE, Jordan, Converse and Hurley brands on May 31, 2012.
Umbro have kicked off a search for a baby to feature in the exciting campaign.
EVERTON have announced a record five-year kit deal with sportswear manufacturer Umbro.
London, Sep 4 ( ANI ): The Football Association (FA) has confirmed that the England soccer team will wear kits sponsored by Nike for the first time next year, after ending their long association with Umbro.
ENGLAND manager Roy Hodgson trained with the players wearing a pair of Adidas boots disguised to look like those of official team sponsor Umbro.