Umbre virus

Um·bre vi·rus

a Bunyavirus related serologically to the Turlock virus.
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Viral metagenomics performed from 2 cell culture supernatants (D2756/1/2014/MY and D2756/2/2014/MY) identified sequence scaffolds with greatest BLAST hits to the orthobunyavirus Umbre virus (Turlock serogroup).
The S genomic segment contained an [approximately equal to]200-bp fragment that shared high sequence homology with Umbre virus. Primers and probes had been designed to detect Malaysia orthobunyavirus isolates and Umbre virus, although the assay was not tested against Umbre virus or other closely related strains within the Turlock serogroup.
Analysis of the near full-genome sequence of 2 isolates, D2756/1/2014/MY and D2756/2/2014/MY, demonstrated that the virus is similar to Umbre virus, which belongs to the Turlock serogroup of the Orthobunyavirus genus (19).
Umbre virus was isolated during the 1950s from Culex mosquitoes and birds (22,23) from India and Malaysia, and antibodies have been measured in serum of wild birds and sentinel chickens from Malaysia (24).