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Sanne's tough start began when Marloes was forced to drive herself to hospital and abandon her car at the entrance after she suffered an umbilical cord prolapse.
AT 36 WEEKS' GESTATION, a mother called an ambulance when her membranes ruptured and she noticed an umbilical cord prolapse.
But it also may be associated with rare complications such as umbilical cord prolapse, and possibly with an increased infection risk resulting from a longer duration of ruptured membranes.
Problems that arise in pregnancy that may lead to caesarean section include poor growth of baby (IUGR), antepartum haemorrhage (APH), preeclampsia (PET), or problems in labour such as presumed foetal distress, non progress, failed instrumental birth, malpresentations, umbilical cord prolapse, or uterine rupture.
Umbilical cord prolapse can present as an obstetric emergency.
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists 2008 Umbilical cord prolapse Green-Top Guideline N0.
Modern monitoring technology may allow the early detection of some problems in labour, reducing the incidence of complications, but major obstetric emergencies such as placental abruption, haemorrhage or umbilical cord prolapse arise with little or no warning.
Seven years' worth of experience at two Oregon hospitals calls into question several commonly held beliefs about risk factors for umbilical cord prolapse, since the majority of 52 cases occurred in term, vertex pregnancies.
teamed up to explore the circumstances surrounding umbilical cord prolapse at their respective hospitals: Dr.
We chose to evaluate the incidence, risk factors, and outcomes of umbilical cord prolapse because anecdotally, in our experience, the traditional risk factors did not account for the majority of the patients we were seeing," Dr.
Traditionally umbilical cord prolapse has been associated with preterm labor, nonvertex presentations, and multiple gestations.