ultrasonic nebulizer

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a device for dispensing liquid in a fine spray; types used include jet and ultrasonic nebulizers. Called also atomizer.
small volume nebulizer a pneumatically powered device used to aerosolize medications for delivery to patients.
ultrasonic nebulizer an electronic device that generates ultrasound waves that break up water into an aerosol mist.
Venturi nebulizer a type of nebulizer used in aerosol therapy. The pressure drop of gas flowing through the venturi mask draws liquid from a capillary tube; as the liquid enters the gas stream it breaks up into a spray of small droplets.

ul·tra·son·ic neb·u·liz·er

a humidifier using high-frequency electricity to power a transducer that vibrates 1,350,000 times per second and divides water up into 0.5-3 mcm particles in its nebulizing chamber; used in inhalation therapy.

ultrasonic nebulizer

a humidifier in which an electric current is used to produce high-frequency vibrations in a container of fluid. The vibrations break up the fluid into aerosol particles.

ul·tra·son·ic neb·u·li·zer

(ŭl'tră-son'ik neb'yū-lī-zĕr)
A humidifier using high-frequency electricity to power a transducer that vibrates 1.35 million times per second and emits water particles 0.5-3 mcm in size; used in inhalation therapy.
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The global nebulizers market segmentation is based on product types (pneumatic nebulizer, vented pneumatic nebulizers, breath-actuated pneumatic nebulizers, ultrasonic nebulizers, standalone ultrasonic nebulizers, portable ultrasonic nebulizers, mesh nebulizers, static mesh nebulizers, vibrating mesh nebulizers).
Ultrasonic Nebulizers are further segregated into standalone nebulizers and portable nebulizers.
Ultrasonic nebulizers are used for tight humidity control and all controls are programmed through an eye-level icon-based multi-language color touchscreen interface that tracks lamp usage.
Technological innovations have also led to the development of ultrasonic nebulizers, which have better technology compared to the available jet nebulizers.
State-of-the-art ultrasonic nebulizers vaporize water droplets to a 3-micron mean diameter.