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Abbreviation for:
Unrelated Live Transplant Regulatory Authority

ultra (ul´trə),

adj beyond; in addition; in excess of.
ultra damages,
n damages beyond those paid in court.

Patient discussion about ultra

Q. what kind of uses the medicine do with computers related to ultra sound? how does the computer helps the doctors in the ultra sound? what do the compuers use for?

A. the computers help the doctors (in ultrasound cases) to interpret/convert the ultrasound waves into a specific imaging showed in the monitor. by that a doctor can find what is normal or not inside the patient's body.
for pregnancy purposes, it really helps patient in antenatal screening to find some abnormalities (if there's any) and to monitor the fetus' development along the 9-months pregnancy.

yesterday I wrote a short article about ultrasound update : http://doctoradhi.com/blog/?p=388

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Ultra is the most advanced and powerful whole body open-MRI system available with its unique MRI gradient field technology featuring an amplitude of 25 mT/m (milli-tesla per meter) and the industry's best slew rate of 100 T/m/s (tesla per meter per second).
With its cryogenless superconducting magnet design, Ultra is the most advanced and powerful whole body open-MRI system available today.
The Ultra utilizes a very powerful gradient system to accomplish advanced clinical applications, high-resolution imaging and faster scanning.
Unveiled were features and benefits of the new GE LightSpeed(TM) Ultra, a revolutionary eight-slice CT system that provides scans up to three times faster and up to 30 percent less radiation dose than four-slice scanners.
The Ultra AXe delivers more compute power per cubic inch, doubling the compute density compared to our traditional ATX products," said Mel Friedman, president, Sun Microsystems' Microelectronics.
In the high-speed ATM network security market, where the strongest security and full transmission speed are critical, our customers require the stability, reliability and scalability that the SPARCEngine Ultra AXi board offers," said Ghias Massarani, president and CEO of Celotek.
With its high-level of integration, the Ultra AXi lends itself to both network and industrial applications.
We've significantly increased performance by doubling the onboard cache and incorporating fast 10,000 RPM drives in the new SuperFlex 3000 DGR Ultra configurations.
Powering the Ultra 30, the UltraSPARC-II is the latest in a series of high-performance microprocessors that deliver superior application performance, multi-processing scalability and bandwidth.
The Interphase 5575 provides the PCI bus performance and ATM technology needed to unlock the full network potential of the new Sun Ultra AX motherboard," said Gil Widdowson, Interphase ATM technical director.