ultralente insulin

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ul·tra·len·te in·su·lin

a form of zinc precipitated insulin in suspension in which the particle size is large, and thus release into the bloodstream after subcutaneous injection is slow; it can be mixed with other insulins having different particle sizes to achieve different durations of activity. Can be derived from porcine, bovine, or genetically engineered human type.
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In type 2 diabetes, inhaled insulin powder has been studied in combination with ultralente insulin, a sulfonylurea, and metformm.
Twenty type 1 patients were randomized to receive subcutaneous injections of either glargine or NPH insulin, then again to receive either subcutaneous Ultralente insulin or continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion via an insulin pump, said Dr.
In UKPDS 57, 826 patients with type 2 diabetes were randomized to diet (n=242), ultralente insulin, a long-acting basal insulin (n=245), or sulfonylurea with the addition of ultralente insulin if FPG remained >108 mg/dL at maximal sulfonyhirea dosage (n=339).
In a phase III study involving 299 insulin-treated type 2 diabetic patients, hemoglobin [A.sub.1c] levels decreased by almost the same amount among those who received inhaled insulin prior to each meal along with one shot of ultralente insulin at bedtime for 6 months (-0.7 percentage points), compared with those who took two daily injections of regular/NPH mix (-0.6).