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Abbreviation for:
Unrelated Live Transplant Regulatory Authority

ultra (ul´trə),

adj beyond; in addition; in excess of.
ultra damages,
n damages beyond those paid in court.

Patient discussion about ultra

Q. what kind of uses the medicine do with computers related to ultra sound? how does the computer helps the doctors in the ultra sound? what do the compuers use for?

A. the computers help the doctors (in ultrasound cases) to interpret/convert the ultrasound waves into a specific imaging showed in the monitor. by that a doctor can find what is normal or not inside the patient's body.
for pregnancy purposes, it really helps patient in antenatal screening to find some abnormalities (if there's any) and to monitor the fetus' development along the 9-months pregnancy.

yesterday I wrote a short article about ultrasound update : http://doctoradhi.com/blog/?p=388

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Luke Goss is set to play Kristof, an agent sent by the ultra secret organization that has been the guardian of the lineage of Magdalena.
Selon le ministre, Al-Jazeera a publie une image de l'un de ces documents: un rapport ultra secret elabore par le chef des renseignements militaires en Egypte au sujet de la situation au Sinai.
Margaret, now 85, was first an interceptor of secret German code traffic at what is now Menwith Hill listening station near Harrogate before going to Bletchley Park Experts say the world-famous Ultra Secret project, using captured Nazi Enigma cypher code machines, played a major part in winning the war.
The shin-high body looks as sleek as an ultra secret US Air Force missile, the V8 engine growls like Jack Nicholson after a six- month bender in the Sahara Desert and the price tag would make most mere mortals wince.
It was here at the top-secret Station X" that captured German Enigma cypher code machines were brought and leading boffins like Alan Turing and his staff cracked the codes which experts now say shortened the war by at least two years and saved thousands of lives in the famous Ultra Secret operation.
Whitehall was hesitant but Denniston understood that by sharing Ultra secrets the British would get access to Japanese military ciphers and be able to read signals about the campaign in the Far East.