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Emerich, Hungarian surgeon, 1861-1937. See: Ullmann line, Ullmann syndrome.
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Rising, 20, of Aurora, is on the ninth day of a 49-day trek on foot from San Francisco to Boston, running as part of a team of 27 others who are raising money for the Ulman Foundation, a nationwide nonprofit that creates communities of support for young adults with cancer.
Margrave Strategies CEO Ken Ulman is a former Howard County executive who has helped shape efforts by the University of Maryland to transform College Park into a startup hub boosted by denser development patterns.
(From left) David Schieren, Steve Englebright, Sister Helen Kearney, Phil Boyle and Matt Ulman celebrated the completion of a solar power system and sustainable rain garden on the Sisters of St.
Amalia Ulman is an Argentinean artist currently based in Los Angles, CA.
Miroslav Kolman, 36, broke the neck, arm and 15 ribs of harmless 52-year old Jiri Ulman.
Jiri Ulman, affectionately known as 'stick man' because he needed crutches to walk, was a popular figure seen almost daily begging in Moston's Peace Garden and on his favourite bench outside St Dunstan's Church.
Argentinean-born Amalia Ulman figured out the formula behind celebrities who use Instagram as a platform to expand their fame.
Sibel Tiryaki (1), Ali Tekin (1), Ismail Yagmur (1), Samim Ozen (2), Burcu Ozbaran (3), Damla Goksen (2), Sukran Darcan (2), Ibrahim Ulman (1), Ali Avanoglu (1)
Argentinean-born, Spanish-raised, UK-educated, Los Angeles-based Amalia Ulman is among those who in subsequent years carved a role for artists operating in the digital youniverse.
Contrary to recommendations suggesting long- term, conservative management following an antenatal diagnosis,8 some authors have advocated surgical treatment of such patients at the time of diagnosis, as is the case in other age groups.9 In a study of patients with antenatally diagnosed UPJ obstruction who required long-term follow-up, Ulman et al.4 found that only 22% required surgery.
On Instagram, Amalia Ulman launched Excellences & Perfections--an online performance in which the artist pretended to be an aspiring LA actress undergoing cosmetic surgery.