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Emerich, Hungarian surgeon, 1861-1937. See: Ullmann line, Ullmann syndrome.
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Marc Ullman, Steven Shapiro and their firm, Ullman, Shapiro & Ullman have joined Rivkin Radler as Of Counsel.
Verona Pharma appoints Dr Ken Cunningham and Dr Anders Ullman as Non-Executive Directors
Ullman said Southtowne Lanes doesn't open to the public until 4 p.
COMEDIAN Tracey Ullman has been left "deeply saddened" after her elderly mother died in a fire.
Earlier this month it was revealed she is to make a new six-part BBC One series, e Tracey Ullman Show, almost 30 years after she moved across the Atlantic.
TRACEY Ullman will make her first British TV show for three decades on the BBC.
com)-- Pioneering leader CEO, Howard Ullman, one of the first patent holders of atmospheric water generation technology has been invited to speak at the CSR World Water Leadership Congress in Mumbai, India on February 17th, where he will discuss “The Global Water Crisis and How to solve it.
At the same time, Johnson's concept has been tweaked under the direction of his successor, Myron Ullman III, so that the department is now organized by category and classification.
Diane Ullman has been the superintendent of the Simsbury Public Schools, a nationally recognized top-performing district, since 2004.
Homeopath and author Dana Ullman, MPH, and Michael Frass, MD, a professor of medicine at Medical University of Vienna (Austria), wrote a 2010 review of homeopathic research that targeted respiratory allergies.
In a January 4 letter to University President John Hennessy, NIAC says a graduate student at Sharif University in Iran emailed Ullman asking about admission into the graduate computer science program at Stanford.