head louse

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head louse

A parasitic louse (Pediculus humanus subsp. capitis) that infests the human scalp and causes itching.

head louse

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LOUSE: SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; James Gathany


(lows) Pediculus.

body louse

Pediculus humanus corporis.

clothes louse

See: Pediculus humanus corporis

crab louse

Phthirus inguinalis and Phthirus pubis; the louse that infests the pubic region and other hairy areas of the body. See: pediculosis

head louse

Pediculus humanus capitis. See: illustration

head louse

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According to Uku, the AfDB intends to continue supporting development in Tunisia, particularly during the country's democratic transition.
We also think it's important to emphasize that this [the LHWP] is a great project because it will bring water to millions of people," Uku adds.
Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM) awarded the contract to provide an enterprise level license for the Uku handheld training platform.
Contractor name : OE[pounds sterling] UKU HAMBARAVI
By now respected as an elder statesman, he also sought a traditional role as Oguluzame of Ogwashi Uku, his hometown in Delta State, and in 2008 took on a four-year term as president-general of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the pan-Igbo organisation.
The following comments from a 54-year old married woman capture this type of thinking "Muchivanhu chedu hapana munhu aichera midzi kuti agochinja ganda rake, uku ndiko kurasika kwevanasikana vemazuva ano" ("In our Shona culture, no one would dig herbs for the purpose of changing skin colour, this is a real disorientation from our present daughters").
Viitso fuhrt auch Uku Masings (1956) Vermutung an, dass das ostseefinnisch-lappisch-mordwinische maksa- 'bezahlen' akkadischen Ursprungs sein konnte (S.
Sosyodemografik bilgi formunun doldurulmasinin ardindan Hamilton Depresyon Derecelendirme Olcegi (HAM-D), Hamilton Anksiyete Derecelendirme Olcegi (HAM-A), UKU (Udvalg for Kliniske Undersegelser) Yan Etki Olcegi uygulandi.
But more significantly, I saw the economic development impact of UKU and maglevas transformational.
Hawaiian ingredients - ahi, mahi-mahi, ono (wahoo, a type of firm white fish), onaga (orange snapper), uku (gray snapper), some Hawaiian spices, macadamia nuts, pineapples, mangoes and ogo (a type of seaweed) - are also featured.