head louse

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head louse

A parasitic louse (Pediculus humanus subsp. capitis) that infests the human scalp and causes itching.

head louse

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LOUSE: SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; James Gathany


(lows) Pediculus.

body louse

Pediculus humanus corporis.

clothes louse

See: Pediculus humanus corporis

crab louse

Phthirus inguinalis and Phthirus pubis; the louse that infests the pubic region and other hairy areas of the body. See: pediculosis

head louse

Pediculus humanus capitis. See: illustration

head louse

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The way in which the Cherokee conceived of order and categories in their world made it all the more important that a ghighau or uku who crossed the boundaries of family and clan counter the red state of warriors who crossed those same boundaries.
According to Uku, the AfDB intends to continue supporting development in Tunisia, particularly during the country's democratic transition.
The UKU scale of side effects was administered 24 hours and seven days after the experimental session.
23) These were the prominent poet and theologian Uku Masing (1909-85) and the poet and translator August Sang (Igor' Chernov, interview by author, Tartu-Tallinn, October 2001).
We also think it's important to emphasize that this [the LHWP] is a great project because it will bring water to millions of people," Uku adds.
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