Jules A.C., German physician, 1837-1894. See: Uffelmann reagent.
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(19) Mihai Ryklin und Dirk Uffelmann, Kommunismus als Religion.
Peter Uffelmann, OH board Co-Chair and Treasurer, put it bluntly: "We simply do not have the financial resources to continue....
Calqued from the German Kulturosophie or kulturosophisches Denken as used in the work of Slavists (Mjor mentions Igor Smirnov, Rainer Grubel, and Dirk Uffelmann [55]), this term denotes "a discourse on Russia and Russian culture, led by Russians themselves, which is not only descriptive but also axiological and based on dichotomies" (55-56).
(2) Jorg Thierfelder in Uwe Uffelmann, Das Land zwischen Rhein und Odenwald: Eine Ringvorlesung zur Region (Villingen-Schwenningen: Neckar Verlag, 1987), p.
Together with other travels back in time (Uffelmann, Zubova, Myhr), their articles demonstrate just to which extent historic preconditions shaped today's linguo-cultural practices in Russia.
Vladimir Sorokin's works are the centre of Dirk Uffelmann's study.
Jaksch [12] also described 12 chemical color reactions of varying reliability and sensitivity for the detection of free hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and classified them into four groups: (a) Mohr's tests, (b) aniline-dye tests, (c) Uffelmann s tests, and (d) ultramarine and zinc sulfide.