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Likewise, Bill Keffler, City Manager, City of Richardson, noted that the economic growth created in the wake of construction of the Texas Instruments and UTD buildings will help fill existing available Class A office and technology space.
UTD performs a wide range of engineering analyses for government and commercial clients including threat and vulnerability assessment, facility condition, operations, security, chemical, biological and radiological protection, emergency response, and risk mitigation.
This will create opportunities for extensive collaboration between UTD and Alcatel that will cut across geographic boundaries and open exciting new telecommunications research opportunities for UTD and our corporation," said Alcatel Americas Chief Technology Officer Niel Ransom.
The Alcatel Research Partner Program will enable UTD to collaborate with Alcatel's entire global research organization, sharing information about future technologies and visions of the future of telecommunications.
UTD and Alcatel both have benefited in numerous ways from our relationship over the years," said UTD President Franklyn G.
Because of the nature of Alcatel's business, most of the company's collaborative research with UTD is likely to be with the university's Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, which two years ago became the first school in the United States to offer a telecommunications engineering degree.
These cost savings are being driven by a leap in computer technology that also has enabled UTD simulators to maintain a high degree of flight-training realism.
s Onyx computer product line, a single computer supports both a UTD simulator's out-the-window visual imagery and simultaneously performs computer host functions.
In an air-to-air combat or formation flight situation, if an aircraft within visual range flies off the display, an icon appears on the display screen that provides the aircraft's relative position, orientation and closure to the pilot training in the UTD.
The UTD program began to take shape when the Air National Guard identified the need for a unit-level pilot trainer.
We appreciate the confidence the Air Force is showing in our design and performance by ordering these additional UTD simulators," said Stuart I.
In a major cost-reduction maneuver, Hughes Training also is integrating each UTD simulator with one Silicon Graphics Inc.