human development index

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Human Development Index

A composite socio-economic value devised by the United Nations to compare quality of life in different countries by reducing education/literacy, life expectancy at birth (longevity, a surrogate measure of health) and purchasing power parity (PPP, GDP per capita)-adjusted income (a surrogate measure of living standard) to a single value, and stratify countries as developed, developing and underdeveloped.
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human development index

A measure of national quality of life used by the United Nations Development Program. It consists of three elements: life expectancy at birth, mean years and expected years of schooling, and the gross national income at purchasing power parity per capita.
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'Other key findings of the study established that the global regions with a higher share of accountants in total employment have a higher per capita GDP, and the correlation between the share of accountants in total employment and the UN Human Development Index (HDI) is even stronger,' he noted.
What do Hong Kong and Niger have in common, apart from being on opposite ends of the UN Human Development Index? (On the 2018 index, Hong Kong ranks 7th, while Niger ranks at the very bottom, at 189th.) For starters, both were outposts of the British and French empires, respectively.
According to the UN Human Development Index, in 2018 Nigeria overtook India as the world capital of poverty.
The Company will work closely with Mary's team to make sure all work is ethically sourced by using third party metrics from groups like the UN Human Development Index and the International Labor Association to evaluate the ethics and quality of the companies that it sources for its tea and coffee products.
Osmonova reminded that Kyrgyzstan was ranked #122 out of 189 countries in the UN Human Development Index (HDI).
Is it not a matter of great concern to the leaders that India rank's #136 on the UN Human Development Index (HDI) and Pakistan ranks #150, while they have distinguished themselves by out-running each other in the arms race, draining their economies to benefit countries who are the worldwide arms dealers.
The UN Human Development Index has bracketed the UAE into the comity of nations that have achieved 'Very High Human Development'.
Living in a communist country is bad for your health, according to an international study by researchers from Britain, Germany and New Zealand, who looked at the UN Human Development Index scores.
South Africa has one of the world's highest levels of social inequality in the world, according to a UN human development index. "I get so angry when people complain about not having enough water or having to use a certain amount a day," Sune Payne, a young South African journalist, writes in local newspaper Daily Maverick.
The UN Human Development Index 2016 report ranks the Philippines at 116th of 188 countries, at the 'medium' level of development.
In 2013, the UN Human Development Index ranked Eritrea the lowest in Sub-Sahara.

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