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This volume describes terrestrial radiation fields and their effects on ULSI (ultra large scale integration) devices in electronic systems at the ground level.
The CVD process resulting from the collaboration helps to maintain device stability in ultra-large-scale integration (ULSI) microelectronics fabrication, and promises to finesse problems inherent in atom layer deposition (ALD) techniques, which come into play as structure dimensions shrink to smaller than 100 nm.
These films act as interlayer dielectrics and gate oxides in transistors and in the fabrication of integrated circuits and ultralarge-scale integration (ULSI) technologies [1-7].
Researchers at two subsidiaries of Mitsubishi Electric Corp., their ULSI Development Center, Itami, Hyogo Pref., Japan and their Advanced Technology.
The 2000 International Conference on Characterization and Metrology for Ultra Large Scale Integration (ULSI) Technology was hosted by NIST in June 2000.
In addition, there were sessions on future issues in electronic materials and ULSI technology; topical conferences on the science of MEMS, organic electronic materials, selected energy epitaxy, and partial pressure measurements and process control; and an evening tutorial on the future of wireless communication.