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When diagnoses were collapsed into 2 groups--definite/probable UIP or possible/ not UIP--overall k improved to 0.
In my opinion, the following issues are examples of important items for articulating statements of national policy on UIP through appropriate channels and processes.
When UIP was carved up, Cripps took many of his senior staff with him.
Paul Takaki, president of UIP Japan, said he is proud to be hosting the world premiere and looks forward to welcoming Spielberg, Cruise and co-star Dakota Fanning to Japan for the event.
In UIP, the fibrotic process produces patchy but diffuse changes in end-stage lung disease.
The purpose of our study was to develop a comprehensive, quantitative, histologic scoring system for assessment of UIP, to determine the distinguishing histologic features of CTD-UIP and I-UIP.
Acta Technology's solution proved to be the best fit for Unilever both technically and functionally," said Steve Applegate, integration manager for UIP in London.
The histopathologic criteria of UIP are well known and are most commonly encountered in patients with IPF, which was defined in the 2011 ATS/ERS/JRS/ALAT evidence-based guidelines for diagnosis and management of IPF "as a specific form of chronic, progressive, fibrosing interstitial pneumonia of unknown cause, occurring primarily in older adults, and limited to the lungs.
Prior to UIP, he worked as an Account Director for DDB Needham Advertising Agency in Sydney, and previously as Account Manager for The Campaign Palace.
The Commission's Competition Directorate-General, DG IV, warned UIP in January 1998 that it had not found sufficient grounds for renewing an exemption from Article 85 of the EC Treaty previously granted in 1988 for just five years - a time limit which UIP has been contesting ever since.
He is an outstanding leader who will bring UIP to an even greater level of strength and prominence in the years to come," said the joint partners.
But "Vice" was programmed on fewer screens--669--indicating that exhibs and distrib UIP knew what to expect from a series not well known in France.