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Physicians also reported that availability of the molecular classifier would reduce their use of SLB by more than half (from 33 percent to 16 percent) in cases of "possible UIP.
In Table 5, we proceed by imposing the theoretical restrictions on PPP, UIP and their combinations.
Through the UIP, Saudi Arabia is developing a database to help investors make informed decisions to maximise their investment returns, as well as an app listing all investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia, in coordination with other Saudi Ministries.
NCE was detected on type II pneumocytes in all cases of UIP, AE of UIP, NSIP, AE of NSIP, DAD, and BOOP.
Lung biopsy is not required in patients with a typical clinical picture and a definite UIP pattern on HRCT.
21) A nonparametric test was applied to survival, given the relative Small sample size in the 2 comparison groups (non UIP = 17; UIP = 11).
Dr Puliyel has been arguing in various forums against the introduction of HB and Hib vaccines in UIP, including in 4 meetings referred to below.
In conclusion, we believe this case of UIP may be secondary to prolonged occupational exposure to livestock.
UIP Japan had originally planned the world premiere at the Budokhan; after consideration, the premiere was confirmed at the Virgin Roppongi due to its more central location.
On the other hand, UIP appears to be the most commonly violated of the four conditions, with EAPPP somewhat more consistent with the data.
With the RCS system, all of the control panels are linked back to the MiniManager, a multi tasking control system designed for use in food outlets, interfaced with a PC running the RCS UIP (User Interface Platform) software, producing tailored management reports.
In this case, UIP would imply that the market now must expect a smaller movement in the yen-to-dollar exchange rate.