U.S. National Centers for Health Statistics

U.S. Na·tion·al Cen·ters for Health Sta·tis·tics

(NCHS) (na'shŭn-ăl sen'tĕrz helth stă-tis'tiks)
A federal agency within the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that collects, analyzes, and distributes health care statistics; its database is derived from and supports the U.S. healthcare infrastructure. NCHS also maintains the ICD-9-CM codes (ICD-10 is in preparation.).
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The others could not see how deep he had gone, so it might be worthwhile to try and rescue him.
And a man may have two minds whether it isn't worthwhile to get a bruise or two for the sake of a bit o' fun.
Had I not known the whole chain of events, or had she not seen how much I was pained and disturbed by her teasing insistency, she would never have thought it worthwhile to soothe me with this frankness--even though, since she not infrequently used me to execute commissions that were not only troublesome, but risky, she ought, in my opinion, to have been frank in ANY case.
He is of such a very easy disposition that probably he would never think it worthwhile to mention how he really feels, but he feels languid about the profession.

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