United States Department of Agriculture

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United States Department of Agriculture (USDA),

n.pr established in 1862, USDA is responsible for the safety of meat, poultry, and egg products. It conducts ongoing research in areas from human nutrition to new crop technologies and also helps ensure open markets for U.S. agricultural products.
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The release of the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is an important step forward in the process to make this landmark agreement for U.
Easing of embargo will create new opportunities for U.
The report, "The 2008-09 Recession and Recovery Implications for the Growth and Financial Health of U.
As you know from discussions with our leadership, it is imperative that any mandatory E-Verify legislation incorporate provisions for a workable, efficient worker program that encompasses all of U.
agriculture's ability to serve the needs of a growing world population with education and assistance focused on the unique interests of people and organizations aligned with U.
That is their main customer," RTI news quoted visiting U.
Ethanol production is growing so rapidly it may drive up corn prices and push livestock producers into a costly scramble for grain, two former U.
Mexico's decision to allow Californian avocado imports -- which until now had been prohibited -- is great news for the state's growers, said U.
The free trade agreement with Colombia will generate export opportunities for U.