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Edward, English anatomist, 1649-1708. See: Tyson glands.
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It is with great sadness I report today the death of Don Tyson, former Chairman and CEO of Tyson Foods and a leading member of our company's board of directors.
In addition, for the second consecutive year, Tyson will offer HBCU sports fans a creative tailgating experience with the help of celebrity chef G.
Today, Tyson is an entrepreneur and author of the acclaimed book How I Retired at 26
Meanwhile, the two men Tyson allegedly attacked were also appearing in court today to face trial on charges that they menaced the boxer.
He played against children as part of the promotion for his fight against Tyson, whom he destroyed in eight rounds last June.
Britain's WBC heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis will be watching the outcome of Tyson-King II closely, intimately linked as he is to the pounds 40million pot that his rematch with Tyson is expected to generate.
During the last four weeks Tyson has been linked with a fight against the new heavyweight sensation Roy Jones, but now the former champion has decided that he wants revenge for his eight-round defeat by Lewis last June.
But the Tyson case, which has received national attention, makes it clear that many people-- Americans and Mexicans, powerful executives and poor immigrants- feel they can't afford to wait for changes in the law.
Tyson was famously disqualified for biting Evander Holyfield's ear in 1997, and while that is his only ring ejection to date, he has come pretty close a couple of times since, particularly when hitting Orlin Norris after the bell in a no-contest three years ago.
Now Tyson's handlers must find another venue for the proposed match if Tyson wants to collect the $17.
Amid confusing scenes in Las Vegas two commissioners voted against granting Tyson a licence.
based Tyson Foods will become the industry's leading poultry, beef and pork producer, with combined annual sales projected to surpass $24 billion.