Maurice V., U.S. pharmacologist, 1878-1930. See: Tyrode solution.
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Yves Tyrode, EVP of Orange Technocentre says, "We are giving customers a tailor-made shop window on the mobile that makes it easier to discover, download, use and manage content.
The conference was also attended by Mr Georges Penalver, executive VP of Orange -- France Telecom Group in charge of France Telecom Group Strategic Marketing and Orange Labs, Mr Marc Rennard, executive VP of Orange -- France Telecom Group in charge of International activities, Mr Yves Tyrode, VP and Head of the Technocentre within France Telecom Group's Strategic Marketing Division as well as Orange CEOs in AMEA region.
currents were measured on depolarization for 40 ms in 22-24[degrees]C Tyrode solution containing 5 mM NaCl (133 mM NaCl was replaced by equimolar CsCl), 5 mM HEPES and 2 [micro]M nifedipine (an ICa,L blocker).
In brief, rats were anaesthetized by ether and injected with 20 ml of Tyrode buffer B (137 mM NaCl, 5.
Yves Tyrode, head of TechnoCentre with Orange/France Telecom Group, hosted the awards ceremony.
Orange is delighted to see that OEM suppliers are now in a strong position to deliver affordable and well designed 3G embedded laptops to the market place," said Yves Tyrode, Senior VP, Technocentre, Orange.
Yves Tyrode, head of TechnoCentre, with Orange/France Telecom Group, will host the awards ceremony.
Businesses increasingly require secure access to corporate messaging when away from the office," said Yves Tyrode, data marketing director for Orange France.
After testing several acceleration solutions, we opted for the simplicity and efficiency of BoostWeb," said Yves Tyrode, Director of the France Telecom, Mobile Internet for Business unit.