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typus in the current study is close to what was reported by Sidibe [20] and higher than what were reported by other authors (Table 1).
05) correlation between temperatures (air and water) and Alitropus typus (isopod) infestation.
Telemetry and Satellite Tracking of Whale Sharks Rhincodon typus, in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, and the North Pacific Ocean.
This first state of Typus Orbis Terrarum prepared by Jodocus Hondius appeared in the original edition of the atlas Caert Thresoor issued by Barent Langenes in 1598.
Typus Orbis Terrarum is the second map in the atlas.
This invites us to consider whether moral judgment, in so far as it employs the lawfulness of nature as a typus for moral lawfulness, might either be a species of reflective judgment or, at least, involve reflective judgment.
William Pastille points out that Goethe used the word Typus "when the class under consideration consists of living organisms," and the word Urphanomen "when the class consists either of inorganic objects or phenomena.
This lapse into cabalistic vocabulary unfortunately obscures his discussion of typus (p.
But how can you, the biggest fish in the world-Rhincodon typus can grow up to 12 or 13 meters, the size of a bus-go unnoticed, with your unmistakable spots, slow, graceful movement, and absolutely cute face?
Macrobrachium japonicus, Macrobrachium lar and Caridina typus bserved at all five stations.
Aus der Entschlusselung von Ein grunes Blatt hier eine Kostprobe: "Mit dem Auftritt der Schlange, die sich als das junge Madchen Regine entpuppt, beginnt ein Geschehen, dass wie alle anderen, die Storm aus Mittagshitze und Einsamkeit hervorquellen lasst, zum Typus des 'High Noon zahlt und als Liebesgeschichte verstanden werden will" (130).