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A reed, the pollen of which is astringent, diuretic, fibrinolytic, haemostatic, vasotonic
Used for Dysmenorrhea, hepatitis, postpartum pain, traumatic hemorrhage, spermatorrhea
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En anos con precipitaciones mas abundantes (2005, 2006, 2007 y 2009) el desborde del rio altero las comunidades, con mengua o desaparicion del camalotal y gran parte de las plantas flotantes quedaron secas sobre la orilla y sobre el cesped ribereno, que redujo su extension por invasion de especies tipicas del pajonal, como Scirpus giganteus y Typha latifolia.
Typha latifolia and Cyperus species are major macrophytes of chefa wetland used for livelihoods.
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In addition, the project comes as the technologies needed for the production of insulation materials from Typha were developed and validated in Europe with Typha latifolia and Typha angustifolia .
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