oral-facial-digital syndrome

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oral-facial-digital (OFD) syndrome, type I

an X-linked dominant disorder lethal in males characterized by camptodactyly, polydactyly, and syndactyly; cranial, facial, lingual, and dental anomalies; and mental retardation, familial trembling, alopecia, and seborrhea of the face and milia. Also called orodigitofacial dysostosis, orofaciodigital syndrome, type I.

oral-facial-digital (OFD) syndrome, type II

oral-facial-digital (OFD) syndrome, type III

an autosomal-recessive disorder characterized by postaxial hexadactyly of the hands and feet; ocular, lingual, and dental anomalies; and profound mental retardation. Also called orodigitofacial dysostosis, orofaciodigital syndrome, type III.
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NWU Type III will be issued to new accessions and recruits beginning Oct.
In this system, type I describes an oblique fracture of the tip of the dens, type II is a fracture at the junction of the dens and the central body of the axis, and type III is a fracture in which the fracture line extends downward into the cancellous portion of the body of the axis [1].
max] in cement type I were approximately 40 [degrees]C and 14 to 16 hours, respectively, and in cement type III approximate 60 [degrees]C and 11 to 13 hours, respectively.
The increased scrutiny and requirements imposed by PPA 2006 will likely limit the prior flexibility of certain supporting organizations, especially Type III supporting organizations.
The Act also imposes the excess business holding rules of IRC Section 4943 on Type III SOs.
With regard to the frontal sinuses, Weber et al reported that 33 of 96 Draf type II drainages (34%) and 16 of 86 Draf type III drainages (19%) were not endoscopically patent because of scarring.
In addition to evaluating the energy loss performance of the Type III stilling basin, the study also evaluated a SAF basin and a flip bucket.
Tenders are invited for Balance work for construction of 10 unit type ii(d/s), 4 unit type iii (d/s) and 1 unit type v (s/s)
Our case is further remarkable because it is the first report of such an occurrence in a patient with familial type III hyperlipoproteinemia.
Familial type III hyperlipoproteinemia (HLP) is characterized by the accumulation of cholesterol-rich remnants ([Beta]-VLDL).

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