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type B


Type B

Of or relating to a behavior pattern that is marked by a relaxed manner, patience, and friendliness and is thought to be associated with a decreased risk of heart disease.
A person who has this personality or exhibits this behavior pattern.

vi·ral hep·a·ti·tis

(vīrăl hepă-tītis)
Hepatitis caused by various immunologically unrelated viruses: hepatitis A virus, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, hepatitis D virus, hepatitis E virus, and hepatitis G virus.

vi·ral hep·a·ti·tis, type A

(vīrăl hepă-tītis tīp)
A viral disease with a short (15-50 days) incubation period caused by hepatitis A virus, often transmitted by fecal-oral route.

vi·ral hep·a·ti·tis, type B

(vīrăl hepă-tītis tīp)
A viral disease with a long incubation period (usually 50-160 days), caused by a hepatitis B virus, usually transmitted by injection of infected blood or blood derivatives or by use of contaminated needles, lancets, or other instruments or by sexual transmission.
Synonym(s): infectious hepatitis, short-incubation hepatitis.

vi·ral hep·a·ti·tis, type C

(vīrăl hepă-tītis tīp)
Principal cause of non-A, non-B posttransfusion hepatitis caused by an RNA virus; high percentage of patients develop chronic liver disease leading to cirrhosis.

vi·ral hep·a·ti·tis, type D

(vīrăl hepă-tītis tīp)
Acute or chronic hepatitis caused by a satellite virus, the hepatitis delta virus; chronic type appears to be more severe than other types of viral hepatitis.
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The offered rate in a separating equilibrium where only Type Bs borrow is also given by equation 5, with [[mu].
The inhibition of prey capture is not due to the depletion of functional nematocysts, but to a combination of short-term inhibition of intrinsic adherence from both Type B and Type C CSCCs and partial inhibition of discharge from Type Bs.
Matthews (1982), for instance, suggests that Type As are likely to outperform Type Bs on difficult tasks requiring endurance, or in situations following a brief yet salient failure.
Ironically, they report significantly less fatigue than Type Bs.
Another possible explanation to their differential behavior pattern is the dissimilarity between Type As and Type Bs in regard to their sources of motivation (e.
If you fail at calorie coping, maybe you're Type A on a Type B diet.
That the fourth syllable is the crucial one is clear from the type Bs in which the finite verb's stress is the third syllable, followed by a single unstressed syllable, and then by a single non-alliterating word without categorical stress.
Friesen, who participated in the research, the team analyzed facial movements videotaped during interviews of 24 Type A men and 24 Type B men.
Using methoxyverapamil (D-600) to selectively inhibit discharge from Type Bs, we show that (i) NANA inhibits the intrinsic adherence of nematocysts discharged from Type C CSCCs and, therefore, controls the release response of Type Cs; and (ii) glycine inhibits the intrinsic adherence of nematocysts discharged from Type B CSCCs and, therefore, controls the release response of Type Bs.
But over the next 13 years, the 160 surviving Type As were only 58 percent as likely to die of another heart attack as the 71 surviving Type Bs.
Tenders are invited for Bolted Type Bs Hrc Fuse Link, Rated Current: 40 Amps, Rated Voltage: 500 V Ac, Breaking Capacity Minimum: 80 Ka Conforming To Is: 13703 Part-2/Sec-2 Or Latest.