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John, English physicist, 1820-1893. See: Tyndall effect, tyndallization, Tyndall phenomenon.
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In his opening chapter, Tyndall recalls that, on 9/11 "we were facing the reality that some American students ignorantly figured that we were attacked by Muslims and thus all Muslims were the enemy.
Too often, as Mr Tyndall implies, they are swept along by their executive colleagues.
John Tyndall paved the way for today's optical communications by demonstrating that light can propagate through a tube of water by multiple internal reflections.
Speaking at Molly's inquest at Gloucester Shire Hall, Hannah Tyndall, operations manager for the nursery, admitted the nursery had been guilty of "bad practice".
The system would replace diesel-run generators providing electrical power at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida.
The setting is a beach on the Kimberly coast in Australia, where Kimberley Sun carries readers through the story of Lily and her daughter Sami, Farouz, the son of an Afghan camel driver, Bobby, the Chinese-Aboriginal man who is caught up in the murder of a German tourist, and Biddy, the survivor of the Captain Tyndall and Olivian era as well as the peculiar artist taking mysterious refuge in the seclusion of the desert.
Smith, 29, was arrested Tuesday afternoon while driving on a highway that runs through Tyndall Air Force Base, after his estranged wife told Air Force security police where he was, Tyndall spokesman Herman Bell said.
THE founder of the British National Party John Tyndall was found dead at his home yesterday, aged 71.
John Tyndall, 71, had been at the forefront of extreme right-wing politics for almost 50 years.
Mr Tyndall, once chairman of the National Front and who was due before Leeds Crown Court tomorrow with current BNP leader Nick Griffin on race hate charges, was found dead at his home in Hove, East Sussex, by his wife shortly before 8am.