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To measure disorder in two dimensions for the entire period of the Roberts Court, we use MDS to generate coordinates for all eleven Justices who served on the Roberts Court during the 2005-2012 Terms, which are displayed in Table 2.
What became revealed was the inherent inverse relationship between the two dimensions.
Obama performs well on two dimensions related to his effectiveness in achieving public policy objectives: working well with both parties to get things done, and having a clear plan for solving the country's problems (though on this latter dimension, a substantial 28% do not express a preference for either candidate).
This technique is a specialization of the Marching Cubes algorithm [11] applied to two dimensions.
Many believe that projecting soft power is the means to offset the good will deficit caused by the other two dimensions.
Raytek's TF100 thermal imaging system monitors sheet temperature profile in two dimensions.
Each system comes with an X-Y positioning table that adds the ability to reposition specimens and objects in two dimensions.
England players Emile Heskey and Ashley Cole were the targets for racist abuse but Lee maintained: ``We have said all along that there are two dimensions from this match.
Furthermore, the intersection of these first two dimensions of the current model suggests that potential and encountered discrimination may be practiced in formal and informal ways.
The life of an international supermodel is all about appearances, in two dimensions.
The Leapfrog Group is focused on two dimensions of provider improvement.
There are two dimensions of time: Succession and Intention.