Twenty Nail Dystrophy

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A rare idiopathic disorder of the finger- and toenails characterised by longitudinal ridging, fragility, notching and opalescent discolouration. The nails may become muddy or grubby looking, and the adjacent skin become spongiotic and hyperkeratotic
Associations Lichen planus, eczema, psoriasis. alopecia areata
Management Generally a failure; PUVA, antifungals and steroids have been tried with little success
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Atopy, positive family history, nail changes like twenty nail dystrophy have been associated with paediatric AA.
Of them, vitiligo is most notable and is found in 1.8-3% cases of AA.3 Vitiligo vulgaris was the most common type, followed by focal, acrofacial, segmental and universal types.4 Localized vitiligo and segmental vitiligo have been rarely described in association with AA, in part due to low prevalence of these types.5 Recently, vitiligo has been reported as a complication of diphencyprone therapy for AA.6,7 Other associations include atopic dermatitis,8 chronic mucocutaneous candidosis,9 lichen planus,10 scleroderma,11,12 lichen sclerosus,11 twenty nail dystrophy,13 and morphea.14 More recently, cutis verticis gyrata has been described in association with AA.15