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Anything that is neither A nor B, but rather in-between
Paediatrics A child between age 7—older than a ‘little kid’—and 12—not yet a teenager
Pathology Any lesion that has histological features from opposite ends of a spectrum, e.g., an adenoma with features of carcinoma, such as cellular atypia, increased mitoses, and an infiltrative pattern
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Congress extended the tweener program last December, intending the extension to continue without interruption for the affected hospitals.
0x20He fits the tweener profile, a bat that plays better in center, but a glove more suited for a corner outfield spot.
Parsing the leftover Tweener games allows you to allow for the pitchers who consistently throw in the middle range (2007 Kyle Kendrick, average GS = 50, 9 Tweeners of 20 starts) and reveals some differences from those who throw a higher concentration of GS Wins and GS Losses with the same average GS (2007 Ubaldo "No, You-Baldo" Jimenez, Average GS = 50, 2 Tweeners of 15 starts).
Now, that's not to say that I am that old, but I'm not that young anymore either--I'm a tweener.
The tweener business is driven with constant newness in both bedding and accessories.
Now the Junior High tweener is the new arbiter of fads.
The tweener notes how Mom can make them happy when they are sad.
The team can slot starting power forward Kevin Love into the center position given that he has played the part in his early NBA seasons, or have to do with veteran Brendan Haywood and another tweener in Lou Amundson.
7-in compact and stylish workhorse, and the tweener A859, a 5-in high performance all-rounder.
A surprise hit of 2012, named 'phablet, phonelet, tweener or super smartphone', is here to stay as it is drawing in more handset makers and is shaping the way we consume content.