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James P., U.S. surgeon, 1857-1913. See: Tuttle proctoscope.
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OKLAHOMA CITY The Francis Tuttle Foundation, a private foundation that provides financial assistance to Francis Tuttle Technology Center students, has a partnership with Google and Coursera to help student gain skills needed for a career in information technology.
You also need someone like Marv Tuttle, who headed the Financial Planning Association from 2004 until his retirement in 2012, but who has been a quiet, conciliatory force--with a steel backbone and clear-eyed ethics--in forging the profession beginning way back in 1983 when he became communications director for the ICFP.
Tuttle III, who had a long history of mental illness, was charged with arson of a dwelling in connection with a July 9, 2013, fire that damaged the basement of a family-owned home at 384 Nichols Road in South Barre, where he lived.
Born in New Jersey in 1941, Tuttle has lived through one of the most richly innovative and creative periods in the visual arts in the United States, a time when, in the aftermath of the Second World War, the centre of the western art world shifted from Paris to New York.
ON NEW YEAR'S EVE 2010, DENVER lawyer Niki Frangos Tuttle worked into the night on an intriguing television deal before arriving late to a dinner party chock full of celebrities.
The APHA Affiliate received the grant money from the Kansas-based United Methodist Health Ministry Fund, said Becky Tuttle, MA, a KPHA board member.
James Tuttle was airlifted to hospital after being separated from his hunting party about 30 miles north of Anaktuvuk Pass, a tiny village in the Gates of the Arctic National Park.
I RECENTLY SAT down with two leaders of the Financial Planning Association--Marv Tuttle, executive director and CEO, and Paul Auslander, FPA's president--to talk about the top issues facing advisors.
1 May 2012 -- US bank holding company Park Sterling Corp (NASDAQ:PSTB) said on Monday it had appointed long-time wealth management expert H E "Tripp" Tuttle III to drive the expansion of its wealth management services in the upstate area of South Carolina.
This is an authorized biography of Judge Elbert Parr Tuttle (1897-1996), written by his former clerk, Emanuel (Georgia State U.