Tutoplast process

Tutoplast® process

Surgery A tissue preservation and viral inactivation process for treating bioimplants used in neurosurgery, general, orthopedic, and reconstructive surgery
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Tutogen utilizes its Tutoplast Process (R) of tissue preservation and viral inactivation to manufacture and deliver sterile bio-implants used in spinal/trauma, urology, dental, ophthalmology, and general surgery procedures.
The Tutoplast process is a chemical sterilization methodology originally developed by Tutogen Medical, GmbH in Neunkirchen, Germany, which merged with RTI in February 2008, to sterilize and preserve tissue for implantation.
Manfred Kruger, CEO of Tutogen commented, "Our Tutoplast Process continues to outperform competitive products, and the processes that are used to prepare biological implants.