Turnera diffusa

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Herbal medicine
An annual herb containing cineole, thymol and other volatile oils, such as cymene, calamenene (a cyanogenic glycosideresin), etc. It is said to be antimicrobial, laxative and stimulate sex hormone production, and has been used for depression, lethargy, hormone imbalances and urogenital disorders; some believe it to be an aphrodisiac.

Headaches, insomnia.
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En cuanto a la importancia relativa de las especies, los resultados (Tabla I) mostraron que las especies silvestres con valores mas elevados son Lippia graveolens con un consenso del 85,2% (75 menciones) y Lantana achyranthifolia (34 menciones), seguidas por Turnera diffusa, Lippia oaxacana, Gymnolaena oaxacana, Cordia curassavica, Lantana camara y Acalypha hederacea.
S Dd Pa 6 6,8 Totomache (s) (MPF 279) Solanum rostratum Dunal S Dd Pa 4 4,5 Diente de perro (bl) (MPF 213) Turneraceae Turnera diffusa (Willd.) ex C Dd Pa 32 36,4 Schult.
Delas, as que tiveram maior importancia relativa por sua frequencia de mencao nas entrevistas foram: "Oregano" (Lippia graveolens Kunth), "Cinco Negritos Blanco" (Lantana achyranthifolia Desf), "Itamo Real" (Turnera diffusa Willd), "Salve Real" (Lippia oaxacana Rob.
These results were comparable to those obtained with the dichloromethane and methanol extracts of the well known Mexican species Turnera diffusa. Moreover, the aqueous extract of H.
Wats (Verbenaceae); Opuntia cholla, Weber (Cactaceae) and Turnera diffusa Wild (Turneraceae) were collected from 16 randomly located linear transects of 30m long.