Turn Green

A term in the working parlance loosely meaning to manifest outward signs of rapidly evolving illness, variably manifest as pallor, which, to some, has a greenish hue, sweating, loss of facial expression, furrowed brows, etc.
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References in classic literature ?
Perhaps she wondered what star was destined for her habitation when she had run her little course below; perhaps speculated which of those glimmering spheres might be the natal orb of Mr Tappertit; perhaps marvelled how they could gaze down on that perfidious creature, man, and not sicken and turn green as chemists' lamps; perhaps thought of nothing in particular.
But he had said the queer thing as if it were the simplest and most natural thing in the world, and she felt it must be quite easy to him, and indeed she watched him for a few minutes carefully, wondering if it was possible for him to quietly turn green and put out branches and leaves.
A hilarious Simpsons special sees the mellow yellow cartoon hero turn green with anger when a radioactive accident leaves him feeling constantly hungry.
THE second annual Big Green Seaside Station Day will be staged in a bid to encourage North Tyneside to turn green.
QMY new pond has started to turn green, I'm sure I've done everything right and have already changed the water once.
My small niece was being naughty; at the age of three She wound me up by saying "Are you mad at me?" "Oh no," I said sternly, "you wouldn't like me if I were" Quoting the incredible hulk as frustration began to stir "Why?" she said curiously, as she began to sulk "Well I turn green and growl," ( a description of the hulk She thought for a moment ( had she gone into a huff?
The new Toledo Sport is available with just one engine and one colour ( and SEAT hopes it will make its oil-burning hatchback's rivals turn green with envy.
Vomit violently, turn green, and vow never to pick up a cig ever again.
The warmer weather encourages the production of more nutrients in the water, which means algae grows freely, causing normally clear ponds to turn green.
The 22-year-old model, engaged to Tottenham's Defoe, offered tips on what to do if travellers break a nail and how to cope if hair extensions turn green in the swimming pool.
Brussels Town Hall, the Glasgow Eye and the Clyde Auditorium - known as "the Armadillo" in Glasgow - will also turn green for the day on Saturday.
Research shows one in five people in the region are planning to turn green in 2008.