Turn Green

A term in the working parlance loosely meaning to manifest outward signs of rapidly evolving illness, variably manifest as pallor, which, to some, has a greenish hue, sweating, loss of facial expression, furrowed brows, etc.
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Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: supply and delivery of a triplex mower to turn green for golf in the urban community of puy-en-velay.
GATESHEAD'S Millennium Bridge will turn green and blue as part of a drive to raise awareness of postpolio syndrome (PPS).
net, truck drivers have often had to wait for a red light on a loading dock door to turn green, which means staying awake during the loading or unloading process.
During the summer months, the chlorophyll present in the leaves causes the leaves to turn green, blocking the leaves' ' actual colours.
We explained to court there was a motorist, who was behind the defendant's vehicle and flashed for him the high beam to warn him not to continue driving because the left lane signal was still red and didn't turn green.
ARAS an Uachtarain will turn green for St Patrick's Day, the Office of Public Works confirmed yesterday.
MYSTERY last night surrounded how a Northumberland burn came to temporarily turn green.
The Burj Al Arab will turn green on March 17, as part of Tourism Ireland's St Patrick's Day 'greening' initiative.
The potential time, before the lights turn green, is then calculated.
MOTORISTS wanting to turn green were today given a guide to the top 100 eco cars, and the Which?
But copper objects turn green when they react with oxygen in the air.
The bus driver is just sitting there, waiting behind the limit line for the light to turn green, and this blue Jeep Liberty lands on top of his front windshield," CHP Officer Leland Tang said.