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A regional term for cocaine or amphetamine
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"Many Lebanese farmers weren't able to export apples because the quality of their produce wasn't good enough," said El Turky, co-founder of IO Tree.
Alramadan [ID], (1) Afsana Afroz, (1) Sultana Monira Hussain [ID], (1) Mohammed Ali Batais, (2) Turky H.
The missile blew up at the residential compound, inhabited by workers of a national company, triggering fire, inflicting damage in properties and lightly wounding one laborer, said Colonel Turky Al-Malki, official spokesman of the coalition for supporting legitimacy in Yemen command, in a statement.
An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma'an they were looking into reports of the raid.In a predawn military raid into the Southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron, Israeli forces detained two young men identified by locals Anas Naim Misk and Uday Muhammad Abu Turky.
Recently, Turky and Abdullah [27] proposed a multipopulation harmony search with an external archive for dynamic optimization.
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By Mahmoud El-Kassas, Hussein Sobhy, Shaimaa Turky and Mahmoud Hashem
The dried [Ni.sub.1-x][Zn.sub.x][Fe.sub.2][O.sub.4]ferrite heatedat 700[degrees]C for2hinair by using furnace to obtain the NFO, and NZFO nanofiber by using Furnace up to 1600[degrees]C for pyrolysis, type (Protherm, Turky).
In the Laser Pico class, popular among the secondary level pupils, the winner was Isaa Nasser al Gahwari with Turky Abdulla al Hasni second and Abdulmalik Ahmad al Rahbi third.
He referred to the monitoring by observers from African countries and Turky and a number of local observers of the work.
Figure 2 Student's initial comment regarding the reading of "A Wild Turkey Comments on His Portrait" (Ruddell & Rankin 2009) turky Categories: Blog February 24,2014 @ 3:37 PM it was funny when ti said dum.