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A Turkish group bathing establishment that is a variant of a sauna, which is focussed on water, rather than steam. Clientele sit in rooms that provide dry heat to facilitate sweating. Social networking is integral to the Turkish bath, as is massage. Popularity of Turkish baths in the West hit its peak with the Victorians, who touted the baths’ therapeutic effects. Sexual massage and sexual work were available in the traditional Turkish baths and provided by staff (tellak)
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The pools and Turkish baths were shut in April 2013.
Admission to the Turkish baths starts at pounds 14.
The North Yorkshire town's Turkish Baths have offered single-sex sessions, as well as mixed sessions, since they opened back in 1897.
While Turkish bath and sauna may be different from each other as to some features, both can be evaluated in similar activities.
Today visitors come from all the world to see one of England's last working Victorian Turkish Baths and discover more about the original treatments which included intestinal lavage for colitis and constipation and Peat Baths to treat circulation, back and pelvic disorders, rheumatism and sciatica.
There is a fascinating article on Turkish Baths in Australia by Mary Reynolds with special reference to one Turkish Bath at Mount Wilson in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.
Also situated in Parliament Street, there's a must do for anyone who wants to feel good - the stunning Turkish baths and health spa.
At right-angles to this range is a similarly colonnaded one that contains changing rooms, Turkish baths and a nursery.
The aim of the Welsh project is to restore the cinema and dance hall, while in Manchester there are hopes of a turkish baths reopening on the site.
The indoor pool is heated and there is no excuse for not keeping fit with a facility like the "Finn Club:' with Turkish baths, Jacuzzi, fitness center, sauna, massage center and diet-conscious foods and cocktails.
The club will feature five fabulous treatment rooms, a relaxation room, and Roman and Turkish Baths, while the existing swimming pool will become the dedicated spa pool.
Last night she told how her former husband would not sleep with her for months on end but would regularly visit Turkish baths.

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