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n a prayer of gratefulness or appreciation.
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Having gotten my very personal feelings about the time situation on Turkey Day out of the way, let's congratulate the Leominster Blue Devils and their head coach, John Dubzinski, for a splendid 14-13 victory over the Red Raiders of FHS.
The Turkey Day gate isn't going to make or break the Auburn athletic department.
Some have reached into Turkey Day and stuffed a few late-day hours into the mix.
Stressed-out shoppers were finally thinking of putting their feet up when they were hit with National Defrost Your Turkey Day on December 22.
THE UK's inaugural National Defrost Your Turkey Day takes place today, after a survey found millions have been thawing their bird in places such as the bath and the garden shed.
Joan is remembered for using the day to give back to the community by throwing a Turkey day party and doing "hours of service delivering food to those in need.
Doyle Field, even on a sunny Saturday morning after a two-day postponement because of snow, was filled with the familiar football intensity of another Leominster-Fitchburg Turkey Day Classic.
on Turkey Day, out of roughly 248 million raised in America this year.
In their 19 Turkey Day meetings, the winning team has averaged 35 points.
Get into the holiday spirit and make a centerpiece for Turkey Day.
The Manchester attorney/NHBR columnist weathers the tryptophan on Turkey Day and decides he won't be running for the GOP guy nomination after all.
When you've been cooking turkey day in, day out for weeks, you want something different that's quick and easy.