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n a prayer of gratefulness or appreciation.
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A friendly face makes a surprise visit for Turkey Day.
Thanksgiving (a national holiday for giving thanks to God)--For a short time this was being morphed into Turkey Day, until turkeys staged some sort of protest in Hollywood and eating turkey then became "inhumane"; hence, it will now be known as The National Four-day Weekend in November.
But like Turkey Day, Super Bowl Sunday is a quintessential American holiday, a day also made famous for overeating and football on the TV.
1: Four classic episodes : The Clampett Look, Turkey Day, Jethro's Friend and The Clampetts Get Psychoanalysed.
Every day was a Turkey Day of sorts in November for the Retail ROP Index as it plunged like a fat, flightless bird taking a long walk on - - and off -- a short pier.
Put a new twist on Turkey Day by demonstrating an entire Thanksgiving menu made more exciting with pepper jelly.
With family members on Turkey Day, the traditional family recipe for stuffing is in, your Martha Stewart recipe for apple walnut filling is out, he argues.
Though collegians had played the game on turkey day since the 1880s (as the upperclass counterpart to Fantastic parades), football did not become a central part of the holiday until the advent of radio broadcasting in the 1920s.
Turkey Day is coming and you don't want to make the same mistake Uncle Louie made last year: eating that seventh piece of pumpkin pie and washing it down with gravy and mashed potatoes.
Women turn to magazines and the Internet for turkey day help, while men ask their dad for cooking advice.
Miss America Cara Mund, "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi and judge Tom Colicchio are also set to appear on floats in the Turkey Day parade.
PrimeWay Federal Credit Union said in an effort to give back to local families this past Thanksgiving, it gave away up to USD35 worth of groceries to the first 100 families in its PrimeWay Turkey Day Giveaway, at a grocery store, gifting more than USD2,500 in groceries for Thanksgiving.