Ludwig, Austro-Hungarian neurologist, 1810-1868. See: Türck bundle, Türck column, Türck degeneration, Türck tract.
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It was the commander of a Chinese man-of-war who received a copy of the edict of 1972 from the hand of my illustrious ancestor, Admiral Turck, on one hundred seventy-five, two hundred and six years ago, and from the yellowed pages of the admiral's diary I learned that the fate of the Philippines was even then presaged by these Chinese naval officers.
When Lieutenant Turck crosses thirty," he said, "we shall all cross with him, and God help the officer or the man who reproaches him
The regulations are explicit, and if the Coldwater crosses thirty it devolves upon you to place Lieutenant Turck under arrest and immediately exert every endeavor to bring the ship back into Pan-American waters.
And then he saluted me, and strode from the bridge, a martyr to loyalty and friendship, for, though no man might know that Lieutenant Jefferson Turck had taken his ship across thirty, every man aboard would know that the first officer had committed a crime that was punishable by both degradation and death.
Every generation of Turcks for over two centuries has been represented in the navy.
com)-- Turck is confident that this partnership in Puerto Rico will provide better service for customers within the region by offering an expanded line of products,expertise and local stock for quicker deliveries.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of reed switch product code 46250 model no bim pst ap6x v1131 10 30 vdc 3 pin male connector type make turck
Plus tard, le plaignant a recu un appel depuis le telephone portable de la jeune fille enlevee, ou un des ravisseurs lui a exige le versement d'une rancon pour la liberer et lui a fixe un rendez-vous au centre-ville d'Ain Turck.
The Award, sponsored by Turck Banner, is aimed at promoting the professional excellence and standing of engineers and technologists at all levels in the automation, instrumentation, control and related industries.
Edited by Berthold Koletzko, Raanan Shamir, Dominique Turck, and Moshe Phillip
The video caught by the dashcam shows a semi-trailer turck plowed into the first car and sent its female driver across the interstate.
Water trucks outside the government regional water stations are priced at about SR 350 per large turck, SR 200 for a medium one, and up to SR 120 for a small truck.