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a pronged instrument.
tuning fork a device that produces harmonic vibration when its two prongs are struck; used to test hearing and bone conduction. See tuning fork tests.
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tun·ing fork

a steel or magnesium-alloy instrument roughly resembling a two-tine fork; the vibrations of the tines, when struck, produce a pure tone and overtones; used to test hearing and vibratory sensation.
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tun·ing fork

(TF) (tūn'ing fōrk)
Steel or magnesium-alloy instrument roughly resembling a two-pronged fork, the vibrations of the prongs of which, when struck, give a musical tone of restricted bandwidth; used to test hearing and vibratory sensations.
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Her biofield anatomy hypothesis states that sound balancing makes use of frequencies produced by tuning forks to detect and correct distortions and imbalances within the biomagnetic energy field or biofield of a person that surrounds every person's body.
The most common pattern the researchers observed was a tuning fork design, which was present in all scenarios, even after the spacing of the ripples stabilized.
The performance of a novel in situ biosensing device comprised of a carbon nanotube (CNT) fibre attached to a quartz tuning fork was experimentally demonstrated by monitoring the adsorption of bovine serum albumin at two different pH values corresponding to minimal (pH 7) and maximal (pH 4.8) BSA adsorption rates.
An extensive test over the entire range of tuning fork operating temperatures was not performed, but [f.sub.F] for several tuning forks was measured over a smaller range of temperatures to demonstrate the relationship between temperature and [f.sub.F].
(42) Lesho EP.Can tuning forks replace bone scans for identification of tibial stress fractures?
Because the tuning forks are calibrated specifically to the planets' frequencies, the respective organ, meridian, or emotional pattern governed by that planet will become homeopathically attuned to it.
Listen to the sounds made by two different tuning forks.
A tuning fork - a device that looked disturbingly like a cattle prod - was used to measure so-called 'energy blockages' in my seven energy body points, known as chakras.
"The tuning forks resonate at one frequency when not immersed in the product, and as soon as they are immersed in the product, that frequency is attenuated," explains Krohne's Hollywood.
The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory has developed a rotation-rate gyroscope that also uses vibrating tuning forks. The sensor, made using techniques prevalent in semiconductor manufacturing, is being prepared for production by Rockwell International.
And then there are pictures of babies, resonating like tuning forks in incandescent yolks.