Tumescent Fluid

A cocktail of saline, Lidocaine, and a vasoconstrictor—epinephrine—which is injected into fat before liposuction and facilitates fat removal, provides anesthesia, decreased swelling, bleeding, bruising, and improves post-op recovery
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It also improves lipo experience by spreading the procedures out, surgeon can use more tumescent fluid in the sensitive areas without maximizing the dose of Lidocaine.
In contrast to traditional methods of graft preparation, PureGraft washes the graft and drains the tumescent fluid, free lipid and debris in a closed sterile system, allowing for a cleaner graft in less time than it would take to prepare a comparable volume of graft tissue traditionally, the company said.
Tumescent fluid surrounds and encircles the vein, compressing it and helping to ensure thorough circumferential heating of the vein wall.