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county in California where the disease was first discovered.
tularemia - a disease that is transmitted to humans from rodents through the bite of a deer fly or other bloodsucking insects, or through the handling of an infected animal carcass. Synonym(s): deer-fly disease; deer-fly fever; Pahvant Valley fever; Pahvant Valley plague; rabbit fever
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The system will generate more than 1,860,000-kilowatt hours annually and is expected to save Tulare more than $6.
In addition to the Tulare project, FuelCell Energy currently has applications totaling $34,775,000 in incentives representing 8.
Molyneux and Mahoney pinpointed Tulare walnuts' pellicle--the nutmeat's thin outer coating--as the only source of the gallic acid.
O2Diesel noted that Tulare will initially use up to 300,000 gallon of O2Diesel per year for its fleet of 198 diesel-powered road maintenance, construction and towing vehicles.
The Tulare Police Department plans to honor the long-forgotten marshal on National Police Officers Memorial Day this week and Luttrell wants his relatives to be present when officers place a plaque of appreciation on his century-old headstone in the Tulare Cemetery.
Buoyed by the Tulare Lake decision, irrigators in the Klamath Basin are now suing for monetary compensation.
The Debtor contended that because it was no longer in possession of Tulare's nuts, Tulare was not entitled to a producer's lien.
But at the new Tulare Historical Museum, the old days live on.
Notes: a mandatory pre-bid conference and walk-through will be held at tulare city school district, 600 n cherry street, tulare, california, at 9:00 a.
The City of Tulare approved and provided funding to complete an overpass and interchange project that will greatly enhance local access to the site, Wolfer said.

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