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county in California where the disease was first discovered.
tularemia - a disease that is transmitted to humans from rodents through the bite of a deer fly or other bloodsucking insects, or through the handling of an infected animal carcass. Synonym(s): deer-fly disease; deer-fly fever; Pahvant Valley fever; Pahvant Valley plague; rabbit fever
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Tulare was ranked number 15 on the EPA's Top 20 On-Site Partner List for July 2011, as a result of its efforts at the wastewater treatment plant.
In total USCS has more than 70 acres of land in the Tulare complex dedicated to its current and future warehousing and transportation service business.
In addition to the Tulare project, FuelCell Energy currently has applications totaling $34,775,000 in incentives representing 8.
Molyneux and Mahoney pinpointed Tulare walnuts' pellicle--the nutmeat's thin outer coating--as the only source of the gallic acid.
The Tulare Police Department plans to honor the long-forgotten marshal on National Police Officers Memorial Day this week and Luttrell wants his relatives to be present when officers place a plaque of appreciation on his century-old headstone in the Tulare Cemetery.
Owing to droughts during the early 1990s, water in the Tulare Lake basin in south-central California became scarce.
But at the new Tulare Historical Museum, the old days live on.
Debt payments are secured by a pledge of the gross revenues of the Tulare Local Health Care District (Tulare).
Before joining the barbecue business, Kelly worked for Tulare County Office of Education and Donnie worked for Southern California-Edison.
Tim Simonich, center, a specialty and field crop grower from Strathmore, CA, placed first in the Growers Division of the "We Believe in Growing Contest" at the 2006 World Ag Expo held last winter in Tulare, CA.
United States Cold Storage of California (USCS) plans to spend about $14 million to add to its Tulare North freezer and dry storage space.
She produced two murals for the Tulare County Museum at Mooney Grove.

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