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Ervin Alden, U.S. obstetrician, 1862-1902. See: Tucker-McLean forceps.
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Ed Brake, managing director of Ellin & Tucker, said, "Recruiting and hiring is a year-round focus for us and we're excited to find new and aspiring talent to join Ellin & Tucker in 2016.
Tucker is responsible for business development, including sourcing capital and structuring deals, as well as all legal matters involving Tucker Development and its affiliates.
Sophie Tucker knew seven presidents personally, was there at (and performed for) the invention of the phonograph, TV, radio and movies.
It opened the door for Tucker to compete in tournaments and competitions for disabled and handicapped golfers.
Tucker, who started at Nashoba in 1977 as an assistant football coach prior to becoming head coach in 1983, announced he was stepping down from his position last weekend at the Chieftains' Awards Brunch ceremony.
The IRS subsequently assessed the tax Tucker owed and notified him of the filing of a notice of federal tax lien (NFTL).
The mystery surrounding the rise and fall of the Tucker automobile company remains a fascinating piece of U.
WASHINGTON -- Kyle Tucker, a project leader with the Project Manager Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (PM DCATS) Product Manager, Defense Wide Transmission Systems (PM DWTS) at Ft.
For Helen Tucker, a member of Auxiliary Unit 16 in Jacksonville, N.
It was just an afternoon stop at a Del Taco drive-through when Lori Tucker got the first sign of things to come.
Hearing Denise Veazey, Linda Tucker, and Karen Jackson describe their schedules is exhausting--no matter how much of a capable, Type A person you might consider yourself.
Tucker is skillful at catching the enormously varied personalities of his soldiers and the bonds that sustain them.