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Ervin Alden, U.S. obstetrician, 1862-1902. See: Tucker-McLean forceps.
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Tucker was invaluable in their walk; and perhaps Mr.
Tucker soon left them, having some clerical work which would not allow him to lunch at the Hall; and as they were re-entering the garden through the little gate, Mr.
Tulliver had on her visiting costume, with a protective apparatus of brown holland, as if she had been a piece of satin furniture in danger of flies; Maggie was frowning and twisting her shoulders, that she might if possible shrink away from the prickliest of tuckers, while her mother was remonstrating, "Don't, Maggie, my dear; don't make yourself so ugly!" and Tom's cheeks were looking particularly brilliant as a relief to his best blue suit, which he wore with becoming calmness, having, after a little wrangling, effected what was always the one point of interest to him in his toilet: he had transferred all the contents of his every-day pockets to those actually in wear.
'My goodness me!' said Mary, adjusting the tucker, and feigning unconsciousness, 'you seem to have grown very fond of it all at once.'
The way he went after that plump sister in the lace tucker, was an outrage on the credulity of human nature.
Agnes and Catherine Johnstone were invited to take tea with some friends at Lowton last Thursday, and I gave them leave to put on clean tuckers for the occasion."
When she was tuckered out and had to hold up, he says, quite ca'm:
I was all tuckered out tryin' to mislead 'em and deceive 'em and sidetrack 'em; but the minute I got where I wa'n't put under a microscope by day an' a telescope by night and had myself TO myself without sayin' `By your leave,' I begun to pick up.
She had had one of her headaches that afternoon, and although the pain had gone she felt weak and "tuckered out," as she expressed it.
It was beautiful to hear that clock tick; and sometimes when one of these peddlers had been along and scoured her up and got her in good shape, she would start in and strike a hundred and fifty before she got tuckered out.
Tucker Company Worldwide is America's oldest privately-held freight brokerage specializing in North American truckload, oversize, delicate, high value, high security, climate controlled and otherwise sensitive shipments for some of the world's best-known brands.