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a town in Germany.
Tübingen perimeter - a bowl perimeter in which a static stimulus was increased in intensity until detected.
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According to Elekta, the achievement of this milestone by University Hospital Tubingen in such a short time demonstrates that Unity can be efficiently used to personalise treatments for many patients.
"We are delighted with the sponsorship for the Tubingen AI center; we see a major opportunity to shape the future of artificial intelligence", says coordinator Matthias Bethge, Professor of Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning at the University of Tubingen.
In the first, Dmitrij Bumazhnov (Tubingen) explores the development and relationship of the Syriac expressions "sons and daughters of the covenant" (bnay or bnat qyama) and "single ones" (ihidaye) up to the time of Aphrahat.
or any of his influential students, including Johann Adam Mohler, Franz Anton Staudenmaier, and Johannes Kuhn, and the first generation of the Catholic Tubingen school.
Voelter with the Tubingen University Award 2015 in recognition of his outstanding services.
Stone implements from a higher sediment layer at the site, called Kokkinopilos, date to about 172,000 years ago, a time when Neandertals inhabited Europe, geoarchaeologist Vangelis Tourloukis of the University of Tubingen in Germany reported March 27.
The consultation known as "Tubingen I" was held fifty years ago on account of a joint invitation by the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and hosted by the German Institute for Medical Missions at Tubingen, Germany.
TUBINGEN, Germany, February 19, 2015 -- German and American researchers have been studying how neural stem cells, which form a reservoir for nerve cells, integrate into the pre-existing neural network in the living organism.
Germany-based University of Tubingen and has entered into a collaboration with Hungarian medical imaging systems developer Mediso Ltd to develop a whole body preclinical PET insert based on silicon photomultiplier sensor technology, the university said on Monday.
Researchers at Germany's University of Tubingen now add income inequality to the list of early signals.