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an African fly of the genus Glossina, which transmits trypanosomiasis.
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(tset'sē, tsē'tsē),
Common name for bloodsucking flies of Africa. See: Glossina.
[S. African native name]
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A genus of bloodsucking Diptera (tsetse flies) confined to Africa; they serve as vectors of the trypanosomes that cause African sleeping sickness.
[G. glōssa, tongue]
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Olabimpe Olaide, a Nigerian scholar who conducted the study as part of her PhD work at Icipe, said that the research established that zebras produce certain scents that repel tsetse flies. "We also found that a blend of three of these odours enhances the effectiveness of existing tsetse management tools, including the Icipe tsetse repellent collar technology and NGU traps," noted Olabimpe.
Rogers' model was generalized by Hargrove et al [7], and a new parameter which allows the tsetse flies to feed off multiple hosts was introduced.
In addition, a total of 19 DNA samples previously prepared from tsetse midguts of nonexposed tsetse flies were used as negative controls.
Dr Vale pioneered the modern forms of tsetse control which initially revolved around capturing the flies for sterilisation in situ in the bush, and now focus on attracting tsetse flies to traps where they may be killed with a relatively environmentally-friendly insecticide.
Their next step was to compare these animals' geographic ranges with different variables, including woodland areas, ranges of large predators, temperature, and the geographic distribution of glossinid (tsetse flies) and tabanid (horseflies) biting flies.
Others describe the town of Schoemansdal; prospectors; railway lines; transportation, including the role of Alois Hugo Nellmapius and the influence of tsetse flies, malaria, and the rinderpest epidemic on development; the demarcation of the border between Mozambique and South Africa; game conservation and the proclamation of the Sabie Game Reserve; the war with the British Empire; the early evolution and development of the reserve and park, including the first rangers and ranger posts; quests for buried treasures; graves; Crooks Corner; the role of the Witwatersrand Native Labour Association; early supporters and benefactors; and memorials.
SGHV is one of three viruses of a newly discovered family called "Hytrosaviridae." The other two viruses are one that infects tsetse flies in Africa and one that infects a pest of flower bulbs in Europe.
In Nigeria, livestock production is limited by trypanosomiasis as tsetse flies infest about 75% of the nation's land mass3 subjecting the animal population at great risk of the disease.
A child at a cattle camp in Bor, Jonglei State, cattle herders cover their bodies in ash from burned cow dung in order to protect themselves against tsetse flies, mosquitoes, and other insects, May 2009 (UN)
gambiense (western Africa) parasites are transmitted to humans by tsetse flies of the Glossina morsitans group (T.b.
In sub-Saharan Africa, tsetse flies are responsible for transmitting the protozoa that can cause sleeping sickness.