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A popular term referring to the appearance of blood vessels, in particular of the retina, which are easily visualised and which have discontinuous (segmented) columns of blood fancifully likened to trucks (also known as railway cars) on a railway; trucking is regarded as a post-mortem finding
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By choosing Trucking Proud Insurance Agency, trucking carriers will support the California Trucking Association to further allow the organization to provide leadership and services for trucking companies.
Also, read about different trucking solutions at
The question is whether the tax burden falls on TLC or on the trucking companies, under Sec.
In addition to FleetSeek, TTS currently produces eight major database/directory products, including "National Motor Carrier Directory," "Private Fleet Directory," "Canadian Motor Carrier Directory," "Mexican Motor Carrier Directory," "Owner-Operator Directory," "Blue Book of Trucking Companies," "Motor Carrier Routing Directory" and "National Truck Dealer Directory." TTS will become a part of Prism's Auto/Truck group, a division whose current product brands include "American Trucker," "Bulk Transporter," "Fleet Owner," "Refrigerated Transporter," "Trailer Body Builders," "Truck Blue Book," "Ward's Auto World," "Ward's Dealer Business" and related conferences and trade shows.
High crude oil prices and their inflationary pressures are the most obvious trends that directly affect the trucking industry.
As part of the Manitoulin Transport group of companies, the school began in 1994 at a time when the need for drivers necessitated the trucking company to educate their own.
The trucking lobby points out that truck-related fatalities have decreased since 1999.
Under Nafta, the trucking market was supposed to be opened in 1997 despite worries by Mexican truckers that they were not competitive with large, efficient US trucking companies.
* Consumers and businesses pay more for goods, as trucking is much more expensive than rail freight;
So I figured I'd make the long haul to Alexandria, Virginia, to check out the tools of what I had always figured would be my trade - trucking.
That's because while truckers can only be legally required to drive a mere 10 hours a day, trucking companies routinely -- and knowingly -- put them on schedules that make a mockery of the law.
A Republican Senator from Kansas is considering legislation that would create an advisory board within the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) focused exclusively on increasing the ranks of women in trucking.