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A popular term referring to the appearance of blood vessels, in particular of the retina, which are easily visualised and which have discontinuous (segmented) columns of blood fancifully likened to trucks (also known as railway cars) on a railway; trucking is regarded as a post-mortem finding
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The question is whether the tax burden falls on TLC or on the trucking companies, under Sec.
High crude oil prices and their inflationary pressures are the most obvious trends that directly affect the trucking industry.
I don't think it's much of a problem," says Rod Storey, of Taylor International Trucking in Fort Frances.
Increasingly, trucking companies equip their vehicles with satellite technology to monitor journeys.
Deregulation seemed to make sense, but it took all the profit out of the industry," says Mundt, now a trucking company executive in Kansas City.
Trucking has always been a dangerous business, but from 1935 through 1980, strict economic regulation protected "for-hire' carriers in large part from the vagaries of the free market and thus took away some of the pressure to skimp on safety measures.
The president, who has announced support for a free trade zone throughout the Western Hemisphere, last week ordered implementation of another NAFTA trucking provision that had been blocked by Clinton since 1995.
Trucking executives believe a bill that would require marine terminals in the nation's busiest port complex to be open 12 hours a day, seven days a week, will establish the framework for improved productivity and better-paid drivers.
This is good for drivers, good for the motoring public and good for the entire trucking industry.
Increased congestion is hitting the trucking industry at a time when the economy is relying on trucks to haul more goods.
O & S Trucking, a truckload carrier based in Springfield, Missouri with a current fleet of 350 trucks recently completed testing of the Iteris LDW system and has indicated they are now ordering it for all trucks assigned to new drivers as they complete an eight-week training program designed for "entry level drivers" and recent graduates of accredited truck driving schools estimated at approximately three per month.