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Beginning from today -- July 29 to August 1 -- the gala event will provide every girl with the ultimate pit stop for everything bridal, from shaadi essentials to honeymoon shopping, trousseau temptations to the perfect wedding present.
The Indian wedding exemplifies this diversity and the 5th Edition of Trousseau Week aims to celebrate the "The Traditional Indian Wedding".
I remember when I was doing my trousseau shopping, my mother told me that we must go down south to buy the traditional five yards.
1) Ratatouille 2) The Commitments 3) Royal Flush 4) Brain 5) Asterisk 6) Sumo Wrestling 7) Crucible Theatre 8) Trousseau 9) Madonna 10) Philistines
BRIDAL underwear is an important part of the trousseau - you wouldn't want to wander down the aisle in pants with days of the week printed on them, would you?
The pavilion also includes a full trousseau for the Omani pride, ancient musical instruments and other craft instruments that were used in agriculture and marine purposes.
The place is adorned with stuff ranging from gift boxes and wraps, trousseau packing, wedding favours, bridal boxes, goody bags for birth and engagement announcements, and corporate giveaways.
Fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani says he will design outfits for his friend actress Shilpa Shetty's wedding trousseau and promises she will look 'stunning'.
Boutiques featured were Trousseau, Frills and Foosha, Pink Diamond, Tasmeemi, Burlesque, Pretty Little Things, Rose of the Desert, Dazzling Designs, Tease and Chryssie's Jewellery.
I also remember about two or three years later, during the war, she came to stay with us and advertised her trousseau underwear (camiknickers, French knickers etc) for sale in the Gazette.
Dr Laurent Fauchier, from the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Trousseau, in Tours, France which conducted the study said: "What patients should know is this: if your doctor prescribes a statin for any reason, it will decrease the risk of cardiac events.
Other hill-page textiles ads in the issue include Charisma, which showed a full-page picture of a chocolate and aqua-blue bed; the Trousseau bedding from the Martha Stewart Everyday Collection at Macy's; Designer's Guild; and Etro Home.