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From sexy strapless numbers and demi cups to push up bras; date night bras are an important part of one's trousseau.
You see Louis Vuitton luggage as part of a bride's trousseau, her wardrobe having a mix of Indian and international designer wear - a mix of Anamika Khanna and Dior Haute Couture," he says.
I remember when I was doing my trousseau shopping, my mother told me that we must go down south to buy the traditional five yards.
The planning of TSF is always preceded by a carefully thought-through concept, knowledge and meticulous selection of brands to make sure that there is a definite eclectic mix of the best in all areas year after year, be it wedding print & stationary or trousseau or for that matter something as small as options for gifts.
I also remember about two or three years later, during the war, she came to stay with us and advertised her trousseau underwear (camiknickers, French knickers etc) for sale in the Gazette.
Dr Laurent Fauchier, from the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Trousseau, in Tours, France which conducted the study said: "What patients should know is this: if your doctor prescribes a statin for any reason, it will decrease the risk of cardiac events.
Other hill-page textiles ads in the issue include Charisma, which showed a full-page picture of a chocolate and aqua-blue bed; the Trousseau bedding from the Martha Stewart Everyday Collection at Macy's; Designer's Guild; and Etro Home.
Diner, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with the Armand Trousseau Children's Hospital, University of Paris.
In the words of the artist, a trousseau is 'a proving ground, a space for self expression .
All the same, it's hard to avoid the feeling that Wall continues to rifle through his compendious art-historical and theoretical trousseau for angles of approach in these latest works.
We stayed in the Residence Trousseau, close to the Place de La Bastille and L'Opera, making most places of interest a short hop away by Metro.