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Build your sexy, yet comfortable bridal trousseau with Clovia's range of bridal and honeymoon wear."
All the while the bride's trousseau is being prepared with great care, and an expense dependent upon the ability of the parents and the arrangements of the marriage contract.
For any bride-to-be, shopping for her wedding trousseau is the most thrilling part and when it comes to makeup trousseau, brides get more attentive and involved.
The oldest theory of this hypercoagulable state was established 150 years ago, when Trousseau in 1865 first described migratory thrombosis as the first manifestation of occult gastric cancer [2].
The new designs include opulent bridal lingerie and delicate ultra feminine lounge pieces for the honeymoon trousseau -- all in popular plus sizes.
A dazzling sight greets you as you enter the DLF Emporio during the Treasury of Trousseau festival week - a shimmering, glittering 18-feet coloured glass and wedding mandap, studded with over 44,000 Swarovski crystals.
With the DLF Emporio Treasury of Trousseau starting from today, we get up close and personal with the celebrity stylists at the bridal event