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17 ( ANI ): Lingerie holds a very special place in the bridal trousseau.
The shopkeepers told me to go back, join a gym, lose weight and then start my trousseau shopping," Anshuma says.
Trousseau, Phlegmasia Alba Dolens: Clinique Medicale de l-Hotel-Dieude Paris, New Sydenham Society, London, UK, 1865.
Interestingly, the international brands are also jumping on the megabucks Indian wedding business, and trying to be part of the trousseau or the setting.
I remember when I was doing my trousseau shopping, my mother told me that we must go down south to buy the traditional five yards.
The planning of TSF is always preceded by a carefully thought-through concept, knowledge and meticulous selection of brands to make sure that there is a definite eclectic mix of the best in all areas year after year, be it wedding print & stationary or trousseau or for that matter something as small as options for gifts.
This street houses well-known retailers such as Mont Blanc, Trousseau, H.
1) Ratatouille 2) The Commitments 3) Royal Flush 4) Brain 5) Asterisk 6) Sumo Wrestling 7) Crucible Theatre 8) Trousseau 9) Madonna 10) Philistines
BRIDAL underwear is an important part of the trousseau - you wouldn't want to wander down the aisle in pants with days of the week printed on them, would you?
The pavilion also includes a full trousseau for the Omani pride, ancient musical instruments and other craft instruments that were used in agriculture and marine purposes.
The place is adorned with stuff ranging from gift boxes and wraps, trousseau packing, wedding favours, bridal boxes, goody bags for birth and engagement announcements, and corporate giveaways.
Fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani says he will design outfits for his friend actress Shilpa Shetty's wedding trousseau and promises she will look 'stunning'.