Tropical Cyclone

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A storm system characterised by a large low-pressure centre and thunderstorms that produce strong winds and heavy rain. More technically, it is a non-frontal synoptic scale cyclone originating over tropical or sub-tropical waters with organised convection and definite cyclonic surface wind circulation
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Peng said there are currently three tropical systems in the Western Pacific, all of which are likely to develop into tropical storms. Peng predicted that Lingling will form today.
Dorian remains on track to become the first tropical storm that will be upgraded into a hurricane.
Tropical Storm Erick is getting stronger, with sustained winds up to 70 mph.
"Tropical cyclones and tropical storms develop in the Arabian Sea during this time.
The tropical storm named Luban is gaining strength in the Arabian Sea and expected to make landfall in Oman this week.
Tropical Storm Yagi (formerly Karding) was last spotted 960 kilometers north of extreme Northern Luzon.
The mass of thunderstorms had a 50 percent chance of developing into a tropical depression or tropical storm within 48 hours and could bring flooding rain to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, western Cuba and southern Florida, the forecasters said.
Whether or not climate change is generating more, or more intense, tropical storms is a question hotly debated by climate scientists.
Katrina increased from tropical storm to hurricane force near which city, located at 26[degrees]N, 80[degrees]W?
One of the outstanding climatic aspects of the 2005 drought was the role of tropical storms in alleviating the drought across southern and central Illinois.
The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration is forecasting between 12 and 15 Atlantic tropical storms, with between seven and nine of those becoming hurricanes and three to five becoming major hurricanes, with a 70% chance the hurricane season will be "above normal." (TSR) says northwestern Pacific will witness seven intense typhoons, 16 typhoons and 28 tropical storms during this year's main typhoon season, which spans from June through December.

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