Tropical Cyclone

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A storm system characterised by a large low-pressure centre and thunderstorms that produce strong winds and heavy rain. More technically, it is a non-frontal synoptic scale cyclone originating over tropical or sub-tropical waters with organised convection and definite cyclonic surface wind circulation
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Each horizontal resolution upgrade of the IFS model is associated with a better representation of the strong gradients that are characteristic of tropical cyclone circulations.
No threat is expected from the tropical cyclone to Pasni, Gwadar, Ormara or Karachi, it added.
Tropical cyclone are most likely to develop in the Arabian Sea in the spring and fall.
The meeting highlights the six strategic objectives that have been achieved, including strengthening the capacity of Member States to produce more accurate forecasts and warnings for tropical cyclones and surges, and to strengthen the capacity of Member States to provide better hydrological forecasts and assessments.
More emphasis has been placed these days on the enhancement of the tropical cyclone warning services from the multi-hazard point of view.
According to the Medium Ranged Forecast from Numerical Weather Predictions, the tropical cyclone will not reach the UAE territories, said NCM.
A tropical cyclone (synonymous with hurricane) is an intense, low-level atmospheric warm-core vortex that originates over tropical oceans and is energetically driven principally by latent heat of evaporation from the ocean surface.
A tropical cyclone with hurricane-force winds strengthened Monday in the Indian Ocean as it prepared to slam Madagascar during the entire week ahead.
SUVA, FIJI: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will provide $2 million in emergency assistance to help the government and people of Fiji to cope with and recover from the damage caused by Tropical Cyclone Winston.
MARYLAND (CyHAN)- NASA satellites provided data on Tropical Cyclone Winston before and after it made an historic landfall in eastern Fiji.

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