Trophy Wife

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A woman that a financially successful man marries to increase his standing among peers. They are beautiful, desirable status symbols (hence ‘trophy’), much like an expensive sports car, watch or luxury apartment
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Firstly, you have the detached trophy wife, the woman who thinks it is her role in life to be an object of adoration.
Washington : A 'trophy wife' as first lady, a hapless college-aged son who burns down a fraternity house, and a daughter frantically taking pregnancy tests in a White House bathroom -- this TV comedy had better be funny.Yesterday, President Barack Obama was slated to hold a private screening at the White House with the cast and crew of '1600 Penn', an NBC series about a dysfunctional first family.
Attorney Beth Mancini, who represents "trophy wife" Karen Jacoby, tries to have the couple's prenuptial agreement set aside, and after a failed mediation in the case, the attorney and her client decide to spend a weekend away at a secluded beach cottage on Cayo Costa, Florida.
Denmark Wheeler and his trophy wife, Sierra, are a dynamic twosome who seem to have it all--a loving and secure marriage; an impassioned love for each other; financial security and a healthy sex life.
I'm the author of The Trophy Wife Trap and consult with women who are married to such CEOs.
As Neo does in a scene from Reloaded, they encounter Persephone (Monica Bellucci), an affection-starved trophy wife willing to assist their quest--in exchange for a deep, loving kiss.
Serpentine chief curator Rochelle Steiner's Cindy Sherman overview focuses on staged portraiture, which allows the artist to hide in plain sight as a shape-shifting Everywoman: starlet, frump, Madonna, ogre, aging trophy wife. With some forty photographs from the "Untitled Film Stills" and more recent pieces that continue the artist's 2000 series skewering anxious, oblivious career girls, the show investigates Sherman's mix of satire and sympathy.
Diane Pacom, a professor of sociology at the University of Ottawa and a known Madonna scholar (yes, there is such thing), starts by nixing the popular idea that Cowpland is just your run-of-the-mill trophy wife.
We cried with a friend who suddenly found herself traded in by her husband for a new young trophy wife. We celebrated promotions, anguished over the defeat of the ERA, and laughed at our own foibles.
Fonda was the highest-profile "revolutionary" of her generation before embarking on a series of identity shape-shifts that have included Fitness Queen, Trophy Wife, and now Born Again Christian.
Each member of her entourage had their own sash with a special title - Karylle's, for example, was 'selfie addict,' Lee's was 'trophy wife' and Dizon's was 'hot mama.'
"No one in the schools system needs to be teaching my daughter what a mistress is or a trophy wife or boy toy.