Trophy Wife

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A woman that a financially successful man marries to increase his standing among peers. They are beautiful, desirable status symbols (hence ‘trophy’), much like an expensive sports car, watch or luxury apartment
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Secondly, we have the stereotype of a typical trophy wife.
The Trophy Wife Divorce focuses primarily on the trial itself, when the secrets of the husband and wife are exposed as the lawyers battle for the jury's verdict in a case of self-defense or murder.
I'm the author of The Trophy Wife Trap and consult with women who are married to such CEOs.
As Neo does in a scene from Reloaded, they encounter Persephone (Monica Bellucci), an affection-starved trophy wife willing to assist their quest--in exchange for a deep, loving kiss.
Serpentine chief curator Rochelle Steiner's Cindy Sherman overview focuses on staged portraiture, which allows the artist to hide in plain sight as a shape-shifting Everywoman: starlet, frump, Madonna, ogre, aging trophy wife.
We cried with a friend who suddenly found herself traded in by her husband for a new young trophy wife.
Fonda was the highest-profile "revolutionary" of her generation before embarking on a series of identity shape-shifts that have included Fitness Queen, Trophy Wife, and now Born Again Christian.
In the meantime, Midnight Line's Epsom pacemaker Trophy Wife, who was bought from France shortly before the Oaks, is taking a break.
The Old Trafford side are 1-3 with Hills to finish next season without getting their hands on a trophy, though I'd back Giggsy to get his hands on a trophy wife.
Margot Robbie is just 23 and has risen to fame after she played the sensational role of Leonardo Di Caprio's trophy wife in the latest movie "The Wolf of Wall Street.
Norma Timney as retired teacher Jessie and Lesley Anderson as trophy wife Celia also shine, delivering some wonderfully funny scenes.